Classroom english expressions с переводом

Ведите урок по-английски (лексика классного обихода)

Перейти на сайт так английский ты еще не учил! Материал готовится, пожалуйста, возвращайтесь позднее. I love the English language and know that it is more than a key to the outside world—it is also a key to the inside of individual minds. Good luck to both of us. Welcome again to www. This is more for beginners, especially people who have just joined an English class, an ESL class, EFL class, etc.

What do teachers say that you need to understand? First, the teacher will take attendance, or the teacher will take roll call. Sorry, these are two separate words, "roll call". Basically, they want to know who is here and who is not here. So, if a student is in the class, he or she is present. So, if the teacher says: He or she is not in the class. So, "absent", not here. If the teacher has finished with attendance and starts to teach the class, and a student comes in then, that student is late.

And they get a little check. Too many lates, you get into trouble. Now, the teacher will give you commands. He or she will tell you to do things. If a teacher says: Put up your hand, ask your question, get your answer. Then, the teacher will ask you: Take out your pens. Take out your earphones. Turn to page Now, if the teacher wants you to do things, but not alone It means two people together, so you can speak. If he wants a specific number, he will say: Now, if the teacher Jack is going to speak.

Everybody, please pay attention to Jack. So, these are the basic things you need to know what That your teacher will say. Выбрать следующее задание Ты добавил. В вашем браузере отключен JavaScript.

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